Who will stay and who will go : predicting club general manager turnover

Part of : Tourismos : an international multidiciplinary journal of tourism ; Vol.6, No.2, 2011, pages 17-31

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Research papers
This paper identifies factors that influence the job tenure of general managers of private clubs in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Descriptive statistics, correlations, analysis of variance, and regression analysis were used for statistical analysis. Fifteen items correlated positively to predict top management tenure in private clubs. Level of conflict between the club general manager and general membership was identified as the one statistically significant negative correlation. Number of years in the club industry, clearly defined job responsibility, satisfaction with compensation, sense of loyalty, and Certified Club Manager certification all had significant relationships with job tenure. Private clubs have been much less researched than other segments of the hospitality industry. The cost of finding, training, and keeping new managers is tremendous. No previous study did a quantitative study of job tenure of general managers. This study focuses on factors influencing the job tenure of general managers in private clubs.
Subject (LC):
job tenure, club managers, private clubs, turnover
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