Vorthrakish ?

Part of : Balkan studies : biannual publication of the Institute for Balkan Studies ; Vol.31, No.1, 1990, pages 47-50

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Among the ancient names of mountains, rivers and localities in Moesiaand Thracia, not of Hellenic or Latin origin, there are names which do notseem Thracian and evidence of a migration wave from the north to the southalong the Black Sea coast:1. Names of towns and rivers, such as Όρδησσός, Όδησσός, Πανυ-σός, etc.Adjectives, as for instance Γευπασηνός, Κουλκουσσηνός, etc. Namesending in -σος are deemed pre-Hellenic in Greece.2. A particular group are the names ending in -σκός as for instanceΓαρησκός, Δραβήσκος, etc.3. Other names have corresponding names in Greece, as for instanceΛάρισα, Τίριζις, etc.4. Other names show an alternation of 0~A as for instance Όργάμη~Άργάμω, etc.5. In Odessos and the vicinities there are names of gods not found elsewhere,such as Δαρζαλάς, Πέρκα», Περκώνει, etc.6. Archeological finds in South-east Bulgaria indicate a pre-Thracianpopulation, as for instance the aeneolithic necropolis near Varna, the excavationsin Karanovo, the dolmens in South-east Bulgaria, etc.7. The name of the Rhodope Mountains, reminding and possibly correlatingwith names like 'Ρόδος, 'Ρόδιος can hardly be Thracian. The ending-οπη appears in Μερόπη, Μέροπες and Europe, where it does not mean‘river’. Probably Rhodope is a pre-Thracian name as well.
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Ονόματα από τη Θράκη