La communaute europeenne et la diplomatie Venizelienne

Part of : Balkan studies : biannual publication of the Institute for Balkan Studies ; Vol.32, No.2, 1991, pages 271-292

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The European community and the diplomacy of Venizelos
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In this study the author examines and analyses the post-Lausanne rôleVenizelos played during the diplomatic efforts towards the formation of aunited Europe. It is argued that Venizelos was opposed to a “Balkan Locarno”,and he pursued the foundation of an association of the countries of EasternEurope. Such an association could be attained by creating a common marketof agricultural products and a customs union connecting Danzig with the portof Thessaloniki. He upholded also that this European economic communitycould eventually develop into a political entity.International circumstances afforded Venizelos but little ground for hispolicy to be fulfilled. However, his diplomacy resulted in bringing Greece outof her isolation after the defeat in Asia Minor, and in leading her to regain aplace in the heart of Europe.
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