Hamza Bey Τζαμί (Αλκαζάρ) Θεσσαλονίκης : προστασία και ανάδειξη του πρώιμου οθωμανικού μνημείου (2008)

Part of : Το Αρχαιολογικό Έργο στη Μακεδονία και στη Θράκη ; Vol.22, No.1, 2008, pages 315-322

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Hamza Bey Camii (Alkazar),Thessaloniki : protection of the early ottoman monument (2008)
Hamza Bey Camii, also known in Thessaloniki as Alkazar, after the cinema that was operating for a long period in the pillared atrium of the monument, was built in 1467-8 as a district muslim house of prayer, which consisted originally of the domed prayer hall that was to become the nucleus of the later edifice complex. In the second half of the 16th c. two vaulted annexes were added to the domed hall, on its north and its south side alike, while an open, vaulted stoa was added to the west. The edifice complex was completed when an asymmetrical three- sided stoa was added, forming a wide four-sided atrium. Repairs and alterations would continue so that the building could be adapted from time to time to the needs of the muslim community which operated there till 1923. From 1928 and since 2006, when the edifice came to the property of the Ministry of Culture the monument was used as a market place. During that period various interventions have rendered the edifice irrecognizable as regards its original function, as well as statically inadequate.This paper offers a presentation of the recent damage rehabilitation interventions, which have been financed by the 3rd Community Support Framework and performed by the 9th Ephoreia of Byzantine Antiquities, aiming the monument’s protection until its final consolidation. The project involved: (a) the documentation for the interior of the monument, so that the details necessary for the Study of Consolidation and Restoration be collected, (b) the protection of the monument, which entails primarily the masonry rehabilitation with local interventions and the scaffolding support or deligation of some of its parts, wherever its maintenance was deemed especially dangerous, as well as (c) the partial restoration of the external facades and the atrium of the early ottoman architectural complex.
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συντήρηση και αποκατάσταση, αρχαιολογικοί χώροι, Θεσσαλονίκη, συνέδρια
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