The Greek Passion ή η μεταφορά ενός μυθιστορήματος στο μουσικό θέατρο του 20ού αι.

Part of : Παράβασις : επιστημονικό περιοδικό Τμήματος Θεατρικών Σπουδών Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών ; Vol.9, No.1, 2009, pages 243-273

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The Greek Passion or the adaptation of a novel for the musical theater in 20th century
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Μελέτες και άρθρα
The novel, Christ Recrucified, by Nikos Kazantzakis was adapted for the first time for musical scene in 1961 in Zurich under the title The Greek Passion. The Czech composer Bo- huslav Martinu composed both, the music and the libretto based on the novel. However, the adaptation of the novel for the musical theater was not straightforward. Martinu had to resort to a choice of dramatic elements from the novel.The objective of this research is the creation of the libretto, the presentation and the comparison of the two versions of the opera. It also focuses on the elements that the composer preserves in the action, explains the differences, the cuts and the innovations, and presents the musical material.
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Περιέχει πίνακες