Body, space and sign

Part of : Γράμμα : περιοδικό θεωρίας και κριτικής ; Vol.2, No.1, 1994, pages 77-91

The paper discusses how space is constituted through the presence of the human body. In this context it is argued that the simultaneous foundation of human space and the human body is a semiotic process. A special emphasis is given to the user of indexical signs as the basic device with which the body locates itself in relation to material objects, including other bodies, in such a way that a subjective space of perceptual, psychological and social character is created. With support from phenomenology (Merleau-Ponty), from cognitive and perceptual psychology (Piaget, Gibson) as well as from semiotics (Peirce, Biihler) this issue is explained in detail. Its manifestation and cultural and historical changes are analysed in a drama by Holberg and a poem by Rimbaud.
Subject (LC):
Περιέχει βιβλιογραφία