The economic and spatial characteristics of the northern Greek border zone : a challenge for a new strategy

Part of : MIBES Transactions : international journal ; Vol.1, No.1, 2007, pages 169-180

We base our analysis on a survey in the Northern Greek border zone that was conducted within the framework of the European research project EXLINEA1 . The border zone between Greece on the one hand and Albania, FYROM and Bulgaria on the other is one of the most fragmented economic, social and political spaces in Europe. The experience of the Balkans shows that the geographical coordinates of a country (or a region) can play an important role in the process of development and integration. This paper analyzes the regional structure of the Balkans and the regional profile of the area of our focus. Moreover it is examined the role of truncated markets, lack of agglomeration economies and low cross border interaction in the regional economic performance.
Subject (LC):
border, geography, development, Balkans, strategy
Περιέχει διαγράμματα, πίνακες, χάρτες, παραρτήματα και βιβλιογραφία