Hop, skip or leap? Issues of accessibility in the literature of Rachel Carson, Janisse Ray, and Terry Tempest Williams

Part of : Γράμμα : περιοδικό θεωρίας και κριτικής ; Vol.16, No.1, 2008, pages 131-151

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From eco-criticism to eco-terrorism
The last half of the twentieth century was a period when American women finally became able to use their voice to instigate political change. In the field of environmentalism there are notable examples of women successfully doing just that. From Rachel Carson whose seminal text Silent Spring (1962) warned a generation of the wider implications ' of indiscriminate pesticide use, to contemporary regional writers like Southern activist Janisse Ray and Utahan Terry Tempest Williams, the strategies that they have employed in their writing in order to instigate political change are often risky, bold, and innovative. But they are also democratic, seeking always to move the broader public to activism on behalf of the environment.
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οικολογία, λογοτεχνία και περιβάλλον
Revisiting crisis / reflecting on conflict: American literary interpretations from World War II to Ground Zero.Περιέχει σημειώσεις και βιβλιογραφία