Perception of emotional expression in line-drawings created by artists

Part of : Hellenic journal of psychology ; Vol.5, No.2, 2008, pages 117-146

This article reports on a research project that focuses on intra-cultural andinter-cultural (Greek-Canadian) variation of the perceptual experience of artistic, nonrepresentationalline-drawings depicting the subjective experience of the emotions of joyand fear, as compared to the relevant emotion schémas stated in words. The main purpose ofthe study was to explore how far Greek artists and spectators are in accord as to thereferential and expressive properties of line-drawings, and how emotional, perceptual andconceptual structures are related in the dynamic person-object relationship in drawingsperception. Two experiments were carried out to gain insight into the complexities of selfaestheticobject interaction involving the perceptual experience, which is the basis of artisticcommunication, and emotional concepts that bear cultural diversity. Analysis of the resultsrevealed a shared "embodied" frame of reference cross-culturally especially for the negativeemotion of fear.
Subject (LC):
artistic communication, embodiment, emotional expression perception
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