Prediction of bully and victim status among young male offenders

Part of : Hellenic journal of psychology ; Vol.6, No.1, 2009, pages 66-79

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The present paper explored the relations of bullying and several familial, educational,legal and institutional characteristics of young offenders kept in custody. The samplewas 152 randomly selected male young offenders from the largest young offenders' institution(YOI) in Scotland, UK. They took part in a structured interview asking several sociodemographiccharacteristics. The sample of the study reported bullying and victimisationbehaviour concistent with some but not all previous studies. This mainly reflects differencesin conceptualisation and operationalisation of bullying in offenders' samples. Victim statuswas associated with being in special school, having a history of poor school attainment, havingpoor peer relations at school, expecting an unstable living situation post custody andattempted suicide/self-injury. Bully status was associated with the number of times havingbeen sentenced to custody, the time being in YOI for current stay, the total time spent inYOIs, the age the offenders had been at first time in YOI, being in residential care, andhaving been seen by psychiatrist/psychologist for treatment in custody. Prediction of victimstatus was better than prediction of bully membership.
Subject (LC):
adolescence, bullying, suicide attempts
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