Social integration of refugees and asylum applicants in Greece

Part of : Hellenic journal of psychology ; Vol.7, No.1, 2010, pages 38-68

This paper examines the social integration of refugees and asylum applicants in thecity of Thessaloniki. Through semi-structured interviews with 12 refugees and asylumapplicants, which were qualitatively analysed using the interpretative-phenomenologicalmethod, the refugees' living conditions and needs were explored, as well as their views on theirtreatment by the state and society. The participants describe the difficulties they face in work,learning Greek and the examination process of their asylum application. They also expresstheir sense of abandonment by the Greek state, in contrast to their feeling of cultural similaritywith and of acceptance by Greek citizens. The present study contributes to the trend ofresearch which, following the principles of critical and community psychology, aims to givevoice to socially excluded groups, to highlight their point of view, aiming towards theirempowerment.
Subject (LC):
asylum applicants, giving voice, refugees, social integration
Περιέχει βιβλιογραφία, Special issue: Forced migration and social care