A "whistling" language in the village Antias in the Greek island of Evia

Part of : Γλωσσολογία ; Vol.7-8, 1988, pages 219-224

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The following instrumental acoustical analysis, concerning the “whistling language” of the village Antias in the Greek island of Evia has been internationally done for the first time. The fact that such a study of a “whistling language” has not been elaborated until now is mainly due to the difficulty of finding the proper spectral corpus. In the aforementioned the distinction of vowels is easy and about similar to the corresponding one of the natural languages. The only difference is the transposition of the harmonics to the higher values of frequency. On the contrary, the distinction of the consonants is very difficult. The presence of the consonants becomes clear with difficulty and only by their transition curves.
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Περιέχει εικόνες και βιβλιογραφία