Wine tourism planning and development of a wine route network in the region of Thessaly in Greece

Part of : Tourismos : an international multidiciplinary journal of tourism ; Vol.4, No.4, 2009, pages 311-330

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Research papers
Wine tourism is globally regarded as a traditional, yet at the same time dynamicform of alternative tourism. In this paper, the development of a Network of WineRoutes in the region of Thessaly, Greece is presented. Thessaly is a region wherewine tourism could potentially increase the flow of tourists as well as improvetheir quality. More specifically, four routes are proposed and the conditionsneeded for the successful functioning of the network are presented. These includethe establishment of visitable wineries, collaboration with tourism enterprises andsynergy among all parties involved. The plan was based on international andGreek experience in wine tourism as well as on the results of primary research,studying the members of the “Wine Roads of Northern Greece” network, whichare briefly summarised.
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wine tourism, wineries, wine routes, wine roads, Greece, Thessaly
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