The role of alternative types of tourism and ICT-strategy for the tourism industry of Lesvos

Part of : Tourismos : an international multidiciplinary journal of tourism ; Vol.6, No.2, 2011, pages 313-331

Section Title:
Case studies
This paper suggests that Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) constitute a key factor for promoting economic growth, especially for tourism economy-based regions. The adoption of ICTs in the tourism sector, assists the produced outcomes, introduces innovation and facilitates the shift to a knowledge-based economy. The case of the Lesvos island, in Greece, is considered. A survey is contacted, concerning the development of the tourism sector in Lesvos Island and the role of ICT-use. Data collected from both Greek and foreign tourists and were descriptively analysed. Results indicate the critical role of alternative types of tourism for the development of the tourism sector in the island, while ICT-use has the potential to extend the period of tourism
Subject (LC):
ICTs, alternative types of tourism, Lesvos island, regional development
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