Examinig the risk discourse in terror movies : tourism and risk after WTC attack

Part of : Tourismos : an international multidiciplinary journal of tourism ; Vol.7, No.1, 2012, pages 403-409

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Research notes
World Trade Centre’s attacks not only set precedents respecting to a new way of making terrorism but also paralyzed the mass-transport for more than one day. This generated a serious challenge for tourist industry to the extent of calling the attention of many scholars. On another hand, 11/09 acted as a conduit for the remake of many movies and films based on the vulnerability of American tourists when are out of home. Under such a context, the present research focuses on the analysis of discourse of four famous terror-related movies. The main thesis of this project is that September 11 attacks paved the ways for the advent of a new genre of terror movies based on sadism, ethnocentrism and the construction of a radicalized-otherness.
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United States, World Trade Center, terrorism, terror movies, vulnerability
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