Stability and structure in the currency and equity markets of the industrialized world

Part of : Σπουδαί : journal of economics and business ; Vol.34, No.3-4, 1984, pages 405-420

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Περιέχει σημειώσεις, πίνακες και βιβλιογραφία, Earlier versions of this research were presented at the 1982 Meeting of the Academy of International Business, the 1982 Meeting of the Financial Managsment Association, and faculty Seminars at the following Universities : The University of Maryland, The University of Tennessee, L'Université de Nice (IAE) and L'Université de Droit, d' Economie, et des Sciences Appliquée d'Aix - Marseille (CEFTI). A more recent update of this study was presented by the senior author at a special invited Session of the Greek Economic Association held in Athens during June 1983. We wish to thank our colleagues for the opportunity to present the results of our research and for critical and constructive commentary that led to the present and significantly improved version of our study.