Air and sea transport : competition strategies under normal and economic crisis environments

Part of : Σπουδαί : journal of economics and business ; Vol.61, No.3-4, 2011, pages 65-84

Air and sea passenger transport were generally considered as serving different market segments with little competition between them. Recent research has however shown that the existence of a deregulated operating framework can lead to improved competition between the two modes. This article aims first to identify the circumstances under which air and sea transport compete. The second step is to further examine possible reactions to increase their competitive relationship. The Greek Aegean region presents an interesting case study due to its morphology and seasonal demand characteristics. The question on competitive strategies has become even more essential in an environment of economic crisis as that existing currently in the region.
Subject (LC):
air and sea transport, passenger transport, insular regions, competition, economic crisis
Περιέχει πίνακα, εικόνες, διαγράμματα και βιβλιογραφία