Switching from a national identity to a European one

Part of : Το βήμα των κοινωνικών επιστημών ; Vol.ΙΔ, No.55, 2009, pages 119-135

This study aims at showing how, from individual attitudes, a new representation is gradually built and progressively it is shared by many, thus becoming a common social representation. It seeks to do so by analyzing attitudes and social representations of a new social object, first in January and then in February 2002 when the euro became the common currency in France as well as in 11 other countries also belonging to the euro-zone; at this time, the French former national currency could still be used in parallel to the euro; and second, one year later, once the euro was the single currency that should be used in all the various financial transactions occurring in France.
Subject (LC):
enational identity, european identity, territorial belonging, attitudes and social representations, national currency, european currency
Περιέχει πίνακες και βιβλιογραφία, Το άρθρο περιέχεται στο special issue: from a national identity to a European one, J. A. Spinthourakis & I. Kamarianos, guest editors