Turning points in business process orientation maturity model : an east european survey

Part of : WSEAS transactions on business and economics ; Vol.7, No.1, 2010, pages 22-32

Companies worldwide are embracing BusinessProcess Orientation (BPO) in order to improvetheir overall performance. Over the past fewyears methodologies for analyzing maturity stateof BPO have been developed. Maturity modelconsists of a number of stages through whichcompanies evolve as they increase the adoption ofprocess oriented practices. Understanding thetransition between different stages of BPO is ofutmost importance for enabling governance andsuperior execution of these processes. In thispaper we present the investigation of turningpoints between different stages of BPO in thebusiness setting in transitional economies of EastEuropean countries, specifically Croatia andSlovenia. Using an acknowledged data miningtechnique of classification and regression trees(C&RT) turning points are detected based onsurvey results obtained in 2008. These findingspresent invaluable guidelines for any businessthat strives to achieve more efficient businessprocesses.
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Περιέχει γραφήματα, πίνακες και βιβλιογραφία