Supply chain strategy and outsourcing : the case of the Greek pharmaceutical sector

Part of : Σπουδαί : journal of economics and business ; Vol.58, No.3-4, 2008, pages 56-79

Scope – to support the introduction and effective implementation of modern supply chain strategy (SCS) in the Greek pharmaceutical sector. Research methodology – A threefold analysis in combination: first, an integrated analysis aiming at contribution to the methodology issue by an interdisciplinary research framework; second, clearing-up the role of SCS in building-up a performing supply chain network; third, an empirical study of the Greek pharmaceutical sector using mixed research methodology, with special attention to logistics outsourcing (3PL). Main findings – An attempt to contribute in the yet unsettled research methodology which has particular importance for the pharmaceutical sector dominated by SMEs; identification of possibilities of collective action to succeed; sustainable competitive advantage in a designed stepwise process. Future study – Specific future research suggestions expected to support the sustainability of Greek pharmaceutical companies.
Subject (LC):
Modern Research Methodology (MRM), Methodology Inderdisciplinary Action Framework (MIAF), Supply Chain Strategy (SCS), Closed Loop Supply Chain Management (CLSCM). Reverse Logistics (RL), Enhanced Supply Chain Strategy (ESCS), Pharmaceutical Sector (PS), outsourcing (3PL)
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