Support and protection of Greek agriculture : inter-temporal developments and sectoral diversification

Part of : SEEJE ; Vol.6, No.2, 2008, pages 197-212

This paper aims at determining the level of support for Greek agriculture. The calculations are performed on a commodity basis over the period 1989-2006. By using an adapted OECD methodology, research findings indicate that the overall support level for Greek agriculture is similar to that of the EU, though after 2002 diverging trends are observed. A redistribution of the various parts of support is ascertained, whereas livestock production is more supported than crop production. The ratio of market price support to the total value of production seems to explain variations in support levels between Greece and the EU. The need for a critical reappraisal of OECD methodology is stressed.
Subject (LC):
support, protection, agricultural policy, OECD
Περιέχει σχήματα, διαγράμματα, πίνακες και βιβλιογραφία, An early version of this paper was presented at the 9th Panhellenic Congress of Agricultural Economics, 2-4 November 2006, Athens, Greece., JEL Classification: Q18