Motives and marketing strategies of Greek companies exporting to South-East European markets

Part of : SEEJE ; Vol.6, No.2, 2008, pages 227-244

The purpose of this study is twofold. First, to conceptualize various internal, external and strategic factors explaining the motivation and the marketing strategy of Greek exporting firms based on a strategic management model. Second, to empirically test this model in the case of Greek firms exporting to South-East European (Balkan) markets. The analysis is accomplished through the observed behaviour of 41 firms listed on the Athens stock exchange involved in exporting to South-East Europe. It is based on a questionnaire which has provided several insights into export motivations and export marketing strategy elements. It uses principal component factor analysis technique in order to investigate common factors that might explain underlying beliefs about the perceived variables.
Subject (LC):
export marketing, export motives, Greece, South-East European markets, factor analysis
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