Tyrolean management can be applied in Romanian mountain tourism?

Part of : WSEAS transactions on business and economics ; Vol.7, No.4, 2010, pages 392-401

Prahova Valley is a major tourist center, one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. This is primarily due to natural and human resources, but also accessible area. Prahova Valley resorts meet operating throughout the year, increasing the role of tourism in the economy. Austria is a country where tourism marketing is applied, with the best results. After a thorough analysis of the problem we have identified ways that have been successfully imposed on the tourist market using innovative marketing techniques. In Austria, mountain tourism started from the idea that any city can have such a status to be exploited. It shall be made known by a particular brand, a brand quality through more investment and confidence in their potential, these are the methods they use to policy makers to develop and maintain a real tourism industry.
Subject (LC):
tourism market, mountain tourism, tourism marketing, tourism potential, tourism development strategies, tourism product, tourism brand
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