"Saltantes lacaenae" σε θραύσματα αττικού ερυθρόμορφου κρατήρα του 4ου αιώνα π.Χ.

Part of : Αρχαιολογικόν δελτίον ; Vol.56, 2001, pages 181-190

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“Saltantes lacaenae” on two fragments of an attic red-figured krater, 4th c. BC.
The two fragments of the Attic red-figured column krater were found in the Acanthus ancient cemetery and are dated in the first half of 4th c. BC. Based on the stylistic features of the figures, these two fragments are attributed to the group of Telos’ painters, specifically to the Retorted Painter. The famous figures, known by Plinius as “Saltantes Lacaenae” dressed in short chiton and bearing a “kalathos” on the head, are depicted fragmentarily on both foundings. According to certain researchers, the original creation by Callimachos included six dancers, a number confirmed by the fragments from Acanthus. The dancers’ position could lead to the reconstruction of the original composition, with six figures dancing in two opposite groups of three. The difference from the original composition is that the Acanthus figures are a repetition of the same type of dancer.
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Περιέχει εικόνες, συντομογραφίες και βιβλιογραφία, Το άρθρο περιέχεται στο τεύχος: Μέρος Α'-Μελέτες