Einige Bemerkungen zur Kirche in Marmiro/Albanien

Part of : Δελτίον της Χριστιανικής Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας ; Vol.45, 2006, pages 43-48

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Παρατηρήσεις σε ναό του Μαρμίρο στην Αλβανία
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At Marmiro, near Orikos, in the southern part of the golf of Avlon (Vlora) in Albania the small church of Zoodochos Pege is preserved that was adopted the type of the “free cross”. In a short paper describing its restoration it is dated in the 13th century. But the technique of the walls, the large and high drum of the dome with the small windows and other features indicate that the church was built in the early middle Byzantine period, that is in the 10th century, perhaps even in the first half of the century. The Koimesis church in Zervati seems to belong in its first phase to the type of the “free cross” too (perhaps also of the 10th c.). Later it was enlarged and transformed. Its wall paintings are dated in 1605.
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Middle Byzantine period, Albania, Marmiro, architecture, church building, Μεσοβυζαντινή περίοδος, Αλβανία, Μαρμίρο, αρχιτεκτονική, ναοδομία
Οι περιλήψεις παρέχονται από πηγή εκτός τεκμηρίου, 856: https://ejournals.epublishing.ekt.gr/index.php/deltion/article/view/4259, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12681/dchae.468
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