Á propos du problème de collaboration de miniaturistes dans le travail des manuscrits

Part of : Δελτίον της Χριστιανικής Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας ; Vol.47, 2008, pages 49-58

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Το πρόβλημα της συνεργασίας των μικρογράφων στην ιστόρηση των χειρογράφων
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A number of Russian illuminated manuscripts from the eleventh to the end of the fifteenth century with no more than four or six miniatures, were decorated not by single painter, but by two or even three artists. These artists belong to the same workshop which decorated churches during the warm season of the year. Because of the cold climate of Russia, the painters couldn’t work on the murals all the time, and therefore they painted icons for the iconostasis and illuminated manuscripts during the remaining part of the year. Probably, such type of organization of painting workshops was more typical for Russian than for Byzantine artistic activity.
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11th-15th centuries, miniatures, manuscripts, painting workshop, organization of the artistic activity, 11ος-15ος αιώνας, μικρογραφίες, χειρόγραφα, εργαστήριο ζωγραφικής, οργάνωση της καλλιτεχνικής δραστηριότητας
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