The Trebizond Lectionary (Cod. gr. 21 and 21a) in Russian National Library, Saint Petersburg and Byzantine Art after the Macedonian Renaissance

Part of : Δελτίον της Χριστιανικής Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας ; Vol.47, 2008, pages 59-68

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Το ευαγγελιστάριο της Τραπεζούντας (cod. gr. 21 και 21a) στη Ρωσική Εθνική Βιβλιοθήκη, Αγία Πετρούπολη, και η βυζαντινή τέχνη μετά τη μακεδονική αναγέννηση.
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The article is dedicated to the miniatures of the so called Trebizond Lectionary kept in the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg. While the dating of the manuscript to the second half of the 10th century is widely accepted, the place of its creation remains uncertain. The author rejects an earlier hypothesis according to which the manuscript was produced in Asia Minor. In the author’s view, the Trebizond Lectionary miniatures, together with some other works of art mostly of Constantinopolitan origin, represent an expressive anti-classical trend, which emerged in the third quarter of the 10th c. as a reaction on the classicism of the Macedonian Renaissance.
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10th century, illuminated manuscripts, Macedonian Renaissance, 10ος αιώνας, εικονογραφημένα χειρόγραφα, Μακεδονική Αναγέννηση
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