Corrigendum στὰ «Ἐπιγραφικὰ Μακεδονικὰ Ι» (Τεκμήρια 5, 2000)

Part of : Τεκμήρια ; Vol.6, 2001, pages 159-162

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Corrigendum in "Macedonica Epigrafika" (Tekmeria 5, 2000)
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One year after the publication of the funerary altar of the Romanveteranus Aurelius Lucius from Skra (Praefecture of Kilkis) in Tekmeria 5,2000,136-139, the author discovered in the archive of the 16th Department ofPrehistorical and Classical Antiquities the correspondence referring to itsdiscovery in 1955. Although the quality of the photograph is not very good, itstill shows in a satisfactory way the monument in its state of preservationimmediately after its discovery. This permits a better reading of the text thanthe one presented by the author in the last volume of Tekmeria. On thephotograph one may also see an engraved double axe on the lower part of the altar, which is now lost.
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