A New Inscription from Chaironeia and the Chronology of Slave-Dedication

Part of : Τεκμήρια ; Vol.9, 2008, pages 53-89

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Prosopographical evidence from a re-publication of six inscriptions on a base at Chaironeia (SEC XLIX 506-11), and also from a reading of the unpublished dedication of the base itself, is the basis for arguing that the corpus of Chaironeian slave-dedications should be downdated by approximately fifty years: that they should be seen as starting in the second half of the second century BC and lasting for around a century. The practice of dedicating slaves in Chaironeia is then integrated into this new historical context, with an exploration of the possibility that the Chaironeian slave-dedications, which grant the service of the slave to the sanctuary after manumission, are a local response to the contemporary sale-manumissions of slaves at Delphi.
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