New Inscriptions from late antique Aphrodisias

Part of : Τεκμήρια ; Vol.9, 2008, pages 219-232

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This article presents 11 new inscriptions found during the recent excavations at Aphrodisias in Asia Minor (1995-2007). A building inscription (1, c. 5th cent. AD) commemorates the restauration of an unknown building by the περίβλεπτο; τριβοονος Flavius [- - -]. This is the first attestation of this office of the Imperial admnistration in Aphrodisias. The anonymous benefactor may have had the honorary title πατήρ τη; λαμπρότατη; Άφροδισιέων μητροπόλεως. The other inscriptions include a fragmentary Christian dedication (2, c. 4th cent. AD), three Christian prayers (3-5, c. 5th cent. AD), one of which preserves the name Προκόπιος (3), a fragment mentioning an οικονόμος or οικονόμοι (6, 3rd cent. AD), parts of honorary inscriptions with the invocation 'Αγαθή Τύχηι (7-8, 4th and 5th cent. AD), the epitaphs of Ιουλιανός (9, 4th cent. AD) and Θεοδώρητος (10, 4th cent. AD), and a monogram (Πέτρος?) on a plaque (11, 4th cent AD).
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