Missing Years in the Biography of Polyperchon : (318/7 and 308 BC onwards)

Part of : Τεκμήρια ; Vol.9, 2008, pages 233-250

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In the first part of the article, the decree of Nesos in honour of Thersippos (I. Adramytteion II 34) is exploited as a source for the Second War of the Diadochi. It is argued that 11. 23-25 of the decree refer to an otherwise unattested (but alluded to in the literary sources) campaign of Polyperchon in Asia in 318/7. The connection of this campaign with Kassandros' invasion of Macedonia and with the struggle between Antigonos and Eumenes in Asia, as well as its ramifications for our understanding of Diodoros' books 18-19 and for the debate on the chronology of the 310's are further explored. In the second part of the article, it is argued that Polyperchon's death should be dated to 308 and not after 303.
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