Metrological investigations at 8th and 9th century Samaria and Megiddo, Israel

Part of : Mediterranean archaeology & archaeometry : international journal ; Vol.4, No.2, 2004, pages 83-92

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"Inductive" metrology is an invaluable tool in the debate regarding the chronology of thenorthern Kingdom of Israel in the 8* and 9lh centuries BCE.Findings show that the Building Period I Omride' palace at Samaria and the Stratum 'νΆ-ΓνΈPalace 1723 at Megiddo were both built using the "short cubit" of 0.45 m., an Egyptian unit ofmeasurement dating to the Third Intermediate Period. The second dynasty belonging to that periodis the 22nd "Libyan" Dynasty (935-730), which coincides with the inception of the Omride dynastyin the 9* century, circa 880 BCE.The Building Period II fortifications at Samaria and key Stratum ΓνΆ elements at Megiddo wereboth built using the "Assyrian cubit" of 0.495 m., signifying that these two cities must have beenbuilt during a period of Assyrian influence or even under its patronage, and should be dated noearlier than the 8Ih century BCE.
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Samaria, Megiddo, Chronology, Architecture, Stratum "VA-IVB, Building Period, Omride, Israel