The role of coastal shipping and telecommunications in the development of the insular region of the Mediterranean Archipelagos

Part of : Αρχείον οικονομικής ιστορίας ; Vol.XX, No.1, 2008, pages 85-98

This paper stresses the important role of coastal shipping as well as that of new technologies towards the lift of isolation of insular regions and it emphasizes the influence of the practice of telework in insular development. It also presents and analyses Socioeconomic and technological indices for the larger islands of the Mediterranean Archipelagos for 2004 and the particularities of the existing coastal shipping system in the wider region. It proves that the creation of an effective and cohesive telecommunication network in the region, as well as the improvement of the existing transport system constitute the most appropriate strategy in the regional development and in the viability of the region.
Subject (LC):
new information and telecommunication technologies, telework, insular development, islands of the Aegean Sea, coastal shipping
JEL classification: H54, O18, R11, R4, R5