Creating an electronic commerce marketing strategy, for small and medium size firms with particularization to industrial firms

Part of : Αρχείον οικονομικής ιστορίας ; Vol.XIV, No.1, 2002, pages 193-211

This article refers to the marketing strategy of the small firms to the new economy. For anyone involved in the world of business, these are wild times. Companies are gearing up to use the Internet to create new ways of doing business. For many, this will mean redefining themselves and carving out new roles. The Internet is changing whole industries from the manufacturing to the service sector. And it is all happening at break-neck speeds. In this paper we develop some ideas how a firm can build e-commerce strategy from scratch whether they are currently a brick-and-mortar operation or are an upstart with a new business model especially: • Relationships between the partners under a new concept.• Best practices.• Essential technologies.• Changing organizational thinking
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