The future of virtual reality in education : A future oriented meta analysis of the literature

Part of : Themes in science and technology education ; Vol.2, No.1-2, 2009, pages 269-293

Many have elaborated on the potential of virtual reality (VR) in learning. This article attempts at organizing the literature in this issue in order to better identify indicators that can account for future valid trends, and seeks to bring to attention how authors who wrote about the future of VR in education confused futures’ terms and produced excessive expectations about its applicability in learning. The majority of writers missed the difference between probable trends and possible trends as well as between wild and preferable scenarios. Therefore, the aim of this article is twofold: a. to clarify the difference between these future approaches; and b. to develop a valid forecast of a wild future for VR in education. It seems that VR could suggest a wild paradigm in learning. The wild turnabout identifies the potential of VR not as an accessory to learning but as an IQ and cognitive booster.
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