Virtual reality for training and lifelong learning

Part of : Themes in science and technology education ; Vol.2, No.1-2, 2009, pages 185-223

This article covers the application of virtual reality (VR) to training and lifelong learning. Anumber of considerations concerning the design of VR applications are included. The introduction is dedicated to the more general aspects of applying VR to training. From multiple perspectives, we will provide an overview of existing applications with their main purposes and go into more depth on certain learning areas. Recent developments of virtual environments for training and lifelong learning are analyzed, followed by an analytical viewpoint on design, advocating more explicit paradigmatic considerations and development of generic design methods. These approaches and proposals are aimed at better exploiting the uniqueness of VR and designing more effective virtual environments. Finally, a number of conclusions will be drawn for future technology-enhanced training and for lifelong learning using VR.
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I would like to thank Nathalie Bourion-Bazzi and Toni Greenwood for their kind rereading and meaningful correction of my English.