A 19th century Greek scholar in Bucharest : Mihail Christaris and his library

Part of : Balkan studies : biannual publication of the Institute for Balkan Studies ; Vol.30, No.1, 1989, pages 67-82

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In the end of the 18th century many young men from Epirus went to Bucharest in order to complete their studies. Among them was Mihail Christaris (Jannina 1773-Athens 1851?) who became a medical doctor and livedin Bucharest for more than twenty years, playing a prominent part in culturallife and later in the preparation of the Greek War of Independence. His translationof the Traité élémentaire de morale et de bonheur of Jean-Zacharie Paradisde Raymondis, in which he adds his own notes, and his Catechism of the Main Social Duties (Bucharest 1831) make him an upholder of the FrenchRevolution’s liberalism in Southeastern Europe. His library, rich in rare asalso in more recent books, offered by him to Theophilos Ka'iris’ school inAndros gives us the inclinations of his personality.
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Μιχαήλ Χρησταρής, Κατάλογος βιβλιοθήκης Μιχαήλ Χρησταρή
Paper presented at the First International Congress on the Hellenic Diaspora from Antiquity to Modern Times (Montréal-Athens, April 1988).