Cslovjecsek, Markus

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  • Markus Cslovjecsek, diploma as a primary school generalist teacher, holds diplomas inschool music education, in church music, in violoncello and in solo vocal studiesat the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He is a professor of MusicEducation and head of the Chair of Music Pedagogy at the School of TeacherEducation of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.He oversaw the project called «Erweiterter Musikunterricht» (Swiss school experimentwith extended music teaching) in the canton of Solothurn. He was the first president ofthe delegates of music education in the Conference of the Ministers of education inthe Northwestern part of Switzerland and on the Board of «Extended Music Teaching»in the canton of Aargau.The focus of his work is on the development of new perspectives within the scope ofmusic in learning and teaching environments. He coordinates the internationalnetwork on «Practice and Research in Integrated Music Education» (PRIME). For Klettund Balmer Editors he leads the project «Mathe macht Musik» www.mamu.ch; for theMinistery of Education of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) he runs a project«Fremdsprachenlernen mit Musik» and for schools he developed the multisensorialeducational playground «creafon» www.creafon.com. He has published widely onthe development of new perspectives concerning the role and place of music atschool and is involved in workshops and lectures in Switzerland as well as abroad.